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We are so excited about connecting our Popcast listeners with each other! The very best part of our show is our weird and wonderful community of listeners. We’ve been told time and time again that the best friends are friends that love this show. We want to give you the opportunity to host or attend our Popcast Live Show Live Stream Live from Austin City Limits Live sometime between Saturday, September 2 (live) through Saturday, September 9 (on-demand). In order to make that happen we need two things:

  1. Hosts: You are a wonderful human for considering this. If you want to open up your home to a group of Popcast listeners to watch the live show with, please enter your address on the map below, then click the teal plus sign in the corner to add your approximate location to the map. You’ll be prompted to add your name and the date you want to host, email, a social media link, and a selfie just so we can all have a little reassurance you’re a real person and not an alien interloper here to abduct a group of really cool people to study.
  2. Guests: Please search the map for a live stream host near you. Contact the host ASAP via email or DM to ask if the invite is still open and if you can bring some bubbly or soda or something and join the fun. We ask that all requests for invites be sent by Monday, August 28 as a courtesy to our hosts.

Protect the vibe! All of this is predicated on everyone being really cool about this. We can’t wait to see strangers become besties and BFOTS together.

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