The Popcast Livestream! Chicago

We're coming to a couch near you.

We did not expect to become the Harry Styles of podcasts, touring around acting like people want to see us in real life…but here we are. And you’ve chosen to join us VIA THE INTERWEBS for our June 22nd Chicago Livestream Party!

It’s going to be a blast. This two-hour live show will have the same heart as the weekly episodes but with all the best parts blown out for in-person consumption. Best of all? No edits, no censors, no takebacks, because it’s LIVE…streamed. You get it.

Basically what we’re saying is you don’t have to be in the room when it happens to have a great time!


It’s 30+ pages of recipes, cocktails, printables, BINGO cards, and over/unders. You got an email with your livestream purchase that includes a link to download!


  • Thanks to our BFOTS, we have created a 12+-page PDF with 2 live show city guides, plus some bonus content. Download here! 
  • To put you in the mood for The Popcast Chicago Livestream! we’ve curated a Chicago show playlist on Spotify. Listen here!
  • Btw, we also created a Dallas Playlist that you may want to listen to.


  • We’ll be using Crowdcast – your exclusive link will be emailed out several times the day of the event (June 22)
  • You’ll have 1 week(ish) to watch the replay. The video will come down July 1 at 9am CT
  • Virtual chat doors open at 7pm
  • Show begins at 8pm


When do the festivities begin?
Saturday, Jun 22, 2024
The Popcast Chat Opens: 7pm CT
Showtime: 8-10pm ISH CT

What platform is the event taking place on?
Crowdcast! If you’re a BFOTS, the livestream will look and feel just like an AUA.

How do I watch in general?
Your login link and password will be sent to the email you used to purchase the livestream from The Popcast Shop. The email itself will come from Crowdcast. Be sure to click it early and save your spot!

Turns out I double booked myself and won’t be able to watch after all. Can I get a refund
Tickets are non-refundable, BUT the livestream replay is available until 9am CT July 1, 2024 🙌🏼
Just click your registration link when you’re ready to watch.

When will my link to enter the event arrive?
Links will be emailed to the address used to purchase your livestream ticket several times leading up to event day and again 1 hour out from the event and again at 10 minutes out from the event.

What if I can’t find my access email from Crowdcast?
Search your inbox for an email from Crowdcast with “Your Login Link” in the subject. Also be sure to check SPAM!

I swear I checked all the places and still don’t see an email from Crowdcast!
We got you! Email us from the purchase email at with the email subject: “It’s not in Spam!” and we’ll get you sorted out. 

The Registration/Event link isn’t working!
First, make sure you are using the latest update available for your browser. Next, log out of all your accounts (email and Crowdcast), and log back in to your email before clicking the Registration/Event link. This support document will walk you through additional steps.

HELP! The livestream keeps freezing!
Please ensure you are watching from a compatible, Chromium-based browser like Chrome, Opera, or Edge, or from the Crowdcast app if you’re on a mobile iOS device. Also, make sure that you do not have the event open in more than one browser or window.

When in doubt, try refreshing first. If you’re still experiencing degraded performance and the problem does not seem to be affecting other attendees, you may be experiencing connectivity or device issues.
You can find additional answers to troubleshooting questions in the Troubleshooting FAQs section of this page..

But I have another Crowdcast question not answered here.
Crowdcast’s attendee support documents will walk you through any additional questions you may have.

How do I watch on my TV?
Unfortunately everyone’s setup is unique, and we are unable to walk each individual through step by step. Try Googling or asking a tech savvy friend!

How long is the replay live?
Replay is live until 9am CT July 1, 2024, so be sure to watch before then. We mean it!

Can I invite all my friends over to watch or do they have to buy their own tickets?
Your livestream ticket is a blanket license to stream with as many friends as you want to. Or you can totally go pants-free solo at home. Your home, your choice.


🔗 STEP 1: Click the link in your email used to purchase your livestream ticket for access to the event. Links will be sent no later than 24 hours prior to the event and again several times the day of the event

⏰ STEP 2: Register for the event by clicking the Register button. We recommend doing this early to save yourself the hassle of doing it right before the event! 

✔️ STEP 3: Check your inbox for an email from Crowdcast titled Your Login Link. Double check you’re logged in and registered.

👋 STEP 4: Your PMG Host will be there at 7PM CT/8PM ET, but you can click the link anytime. Just don’t panic if you get there 30 minutes early and you’re waiting by yourself. We’ll get there, we promise. Go ahead and get ready to pringle by introducing yourself in the chat!

Note: Crowdcast has improved their UI and you may be asked to log in. If you’ve never logged in before, you might be asked to register. You can also walk through these steps if you’re having trouble.

In order to expedite assistance we will ONLY be available to troubleshoot via email at IG DMs and Patreon DMs will be directed to