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  • What is your mailing address?

    120 19th Street N., Ste 332, Birmingham, AL 35203

  • Where did Knox and Jamie meet?

    Knox and Jamie met in 2011 in an online writing forum. He liked pop culture, funny people and The Bachelor, and Jamie decided he would make a good friend. So far, so good. They then came up with the crazy idea to start a podcast, and the rest is history. For a more detailed story, check out Episode 224 and Episode 311 and Episode 380.

  • What does "Don't waste it, Greg" mean?

    The best listener story we ever had ended with the phrase “Don’t waste it, Greg” uttered by a grandmother. You’ll have to listen to Episode 245 to get the full context, but once you know, you know.

  • Can I gift someone a Patreon subscription?

    Two words – WE WISH! Unfortunately Patreon doesn’t yet have a way to gift a subscription, but NEVER FEAR! Our dear FOTS and BFOTS (that’s Friends and Best Friends of the Show for you laypeople) have found a workaround. You can sign a friend/loved one up for Patreon using their name and YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL. When you officially present the gift, you can then go in and change the email to your friend/loved ones email so they get the updates. **Note: Your credit card will be on file for the duration of the gift, so that’s something to consider.**

  • I’m a FOTS/BFOTS and my RSS feed isn't working. Can you help?

    Sure can! Here’s an article that will walk you through it. -> How To Use Your Custom RSS Link.

  • Is Jason Waterfalls real?

    How dare you question, Jason. Son to Betty Waterfalls, father to Flowing and Chasen. Grew up in Tennessee. He is a beloved employee and even gets a 1099. Next.

  • Why does Jamie hate gingers?

    Jamie here. I live by a very complex double standard, but here’s the thing – Redheads can be pretty, but they’re just dead inside. Do I want hair that compliments my freckles? Yes. Do I want weird skin sensitivities that go with it? No. I went to prom with a ginger. My best friend is an orange-y redhead, and she does not like it when I go red. But I’m cold and dead inside in many ways. Does that make sense? It should totally make sense.

  • Why doesn't Jamie trust blonde men?

    This is too obvious even for an FAQ, next.

  • Why do they call Erin The Edge?

    The Edge has no origin and no ending. The edge has always just been.

  • Why is Christiana's nickname Christiana with two i’s?

    Before delving into the often inexplicable origin of nicknames, let it be known that Erin does not approve of the nickname “Christiana with 2 i’s” and played no role in its creation. Christiana with 2 i’s comes from the fact that the previous Hand of the Popcast, Randi, spelled her name with an i vs. a y, earning her the nickname “Randi with an i”. Christiana, assuming her role as The Hand of the Popcast, has 2 i’s in her name, so naturally we made the connection. She also has 2 eyes in real life, so it makes total sense.

  • Why can't I listen to the first 99 episodes?

    Circle up kiddies for Honesty Corner. Here’s the truth. We didn’t think this [The Popcast] was going to be a thing, so the original andreasapotek episodes were more for our benefit than yours. I’m pretty sure Jamie was laying down in her bed for an episode, which obviously is great for audio. At the end of the day, the audio quality was not up to our standards, so we had to pull them. Thanks for your understanding.

  • What does the bell mean in episodes?

    The bell rings anytime there is a veiled reference to a line or lyric from Lin Manuel-Miranda’s iconic, smash musical hit, Hamilton.

  • Why does Knox hate CFA?

    Look, friends. There was a giant misunderstanding. I [Knox] was in the wrong, CFA was not in the wrong. I have since publicly apologized and have stopped throwing 1s at the building of my own accord. There was no restraining order. I’ve not been banned from CFA for life. There is nothing but a lot of love all around.

  • What is "sexy church?"

    Sexy church = all the staff is hot and they lower the lights during service. But basically, it’s a church that’s sexy.

  • What is a Jesus juke?

    When someone is talking to you and it feels like they are telling you a non-Jesus story or making a non-Jesus point, but then they juke it to being excessively about Jesus, that is a Jesus Juke.

  • Jamie — What's your skincare routine?

    I’ve done so many Instagram lives on this topic that I finally decided to catalog it on the Internet forever. Check out my 10 Step Skincare Routine!

  • What is the Nana Plan?

    This pertains to Jamie’s detailed plan to land a deliciously handsome and independently wealthy grandfather, so she can forego parenthood and skip straight to becoming a Nana to grandchildren.

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