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Not In Love

July 3, 2024

Listen. This is SO GOOD. Rue and Eli aren’t people I want to know, but I definitely want to read about their lives. There are…

The Body in Question

July 3, 2024

A breezy listen that I really enjoyed! Violent and dynamic but disaffected and not very bombastic or indulgent in feelings because it stayed focus on…

Assassins Anonymous

June 12, 2024

It's campy and sarcastic but has some very interesting takes on the topic of grief — a truly fun and frothy page-turner.


June 5, 2024

It was such a fantastic story—Tender, full of heart, and delightfully weird. I also really loved that it’s a lot about loneliness and belonging.

Lies and Weddings

May 22, 2024

This book is like Succession meets Saltburn meets The Notebook. It's another frothy delight and the perfect summer read!

The Demon of Unrest: A Saga of Hubris, Heartbreak, and Heroism at the Dawn of the Civil War

May 22, 2024

Erik Larson is pretty much a season pass for me. In this book, he draws heavily from archives and personal diaries from both the Confederate…


May 15, 2024

Very smart and very funny. The writer has an incredible voice, but beware that a shamefully high level of internet and pop culture knowledge is…

The Ministry of Time

May 8, 2024

Truly, my Venn diagram of genres: time travel, thriller, and slow-burn romance. The way that this author sits with Commander Gore as he adjusts to…

The Wide Wide Sea: Imperial Ambition, First Contact and the Fateful Final Voyage of Captain James Cook

May 1, 2024

I love Sides’ style of storytelling, and he’s now a season pass because he writes very cinematically without getting stuck in the minutia of the…

Funny Story

April 24, 2024

I’ve greenlit two of her books (Beach Read and Book Lovers), but this is, dare I say, the best one of all the ones she’s…