Best Friend of the Show (BFOTS)

We have more than 10,000 Friends and Best Friends in our supporter community on Patreon. And we would love for you to join us.

If you sign up to be an annual Best Friend of the Show (BFOTS) by April 28, you get a FUN incentive. 

Knox, Jamie, and Erin completed Cinema Sidepiece episodes on each of the 8 Harry Potter films. In the month of January, all annual BFOTS subscribers will get access to all 8 hours of wizarding goodness. You can stream the HP films on Peacock or HBO Max or from your own personal DVD collection.

As a BFOTS, you’ll also get the following:

  • The More You Know pop culture news episodes 3-4 Mondays a month
  • Monthly Ask-Us-Anything Livestream Q&As – our next one is Tuesday, May 16 at 9:30pm ET
  • Monthly Cinema Sidepiece episodes where we deep dive a movie from the past
  • Bi-monthly Pilot Program episodes where we watch an old or new TV show’s first episode and deep dive it.
  • Bi-monthly What Should I Watch Next episodes where we collect lists from multiple BFOTS of shows they love and show they do not love and curate a list of what they should watch next.
  • Exclusive access to pre-sale live show tickets
  • Access to 12 months of archived audio and video content

All of the audio content drops directly into most podcasting apps with your private RSS feed link you get when you sign up.

Why would we want annual BFOTS?

Well, annual support makes a lot of our big projects possible – an HR audit so we’re taking good care of our team; new branding and websites for both The Popcast and the Bible Binge; new computer and recording equipment for staff across the country, and so much more. Plus, annual subscriptions mean Patreon charges us fewer transaction fees. So, we make your dollars go further. 

Why would you want to be an annual BFOTS?

Well, the first reason is purely financial. You get a month free. Instead of paying $84 for a year of content, you pay $76.44. Another reason is a lot of folks don’t like having recurring charges. It’s the most cited reason by the almost 5,000 BFOTS who are annual supporters. 

What do you have to do to join?

  1. Visit and select Best Friend of the Show tier.
  2. You’ll be taken to a checkout page where you will add your payment details and select annual billing.
  3. Click confirm to start your membership.

Then, what happens?

First, you’ll receive a welcome message from us with details on how to set up your Patreon audio feed plus some bonus info. Once you sign up to be an annual Best Friend of the Show, our team gets a notification. Within two business days, we will send you the link to download all 8 Cinema Sidepiece episodes for the Harry Potter films. 

Again, we know becoming an annual BFOTS supporter is not for everyone and we’re grateful for your support in any way that works best for you. Truly. 

Knox & Jamie

Note: This incentive is available until April 28. If you have any questions or face any hiccups at any point in the process, please DM us here on Patreon or email us at