The Popcast Live!

We're coming to a theater near you. Near-ISH.

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“What if we did a podcast episode, but in front of in-real-life people?” we asked ourselves, even though we were highly aware we were designed to be podcasters and not stage performers. AND YET HERE WE ARE, doing it anyway. And you can join us IN PERSON at one of our live shows in September 2023 in Austin or Atlanta! 

These two-hour live shows will have the same heart as the weekly episodes, but with all the best parts blown out for in-person consumption: NOs segments, crowd interactions, life advice from professional bozos, and much more. 

Not only that, we will also be joined by the delightful members of the PMG staff. More familiar faces will also be present, accounted for, and ready to Pringle as we dish out hefty doses of sarcasm and snark. 

We promise you’ll want to be in the room where it happens. You will not be educated on anything that matters, but you will be entertained.

VIP ($175), Preferred ($99), and General ($49) tickets:


  • Snag those HERE! **Our BFOTS have a $9 discount waiting in Patreon. Join here for $9 off**


  • Stay tuned for updates!


  • Stay tuned for updates!


  • Unlike previous events, all of our 2023 live shows All of our ticketing is handled by Ticketmaster. Before you come for us, we’d like to remind you that we did not choose the Ticketmaster life, the Ticketmaster life was chosen for us. 
    • No, seriously. We were like, “We don’t want to deal with Ticketmaster,” and they were like, “Then you can’t do a live show,” so we were like, “I guess we’re dealing with Ticketmaster?”
    • Please know that we are absorbing some of the fees associated with the ticket, but always remember that the real true villain here is MR. TICKETMASTER. 
  • You can transfer or sell your ticket, but we are not able to accommodate refunds.
  • This show is open to minors ages 13 and up but those minors must be accompanied by an adult. However, remember our content is not designed for minors so you may be opening yourself up to unexpected conversations in the car ride home. Spinzone though, a great way to segue into having the talk along with a lifelong memory commemorating the entire experience!
If you have questions, email us at