Knox's Work Essentials

I’m obsessed with efficiency and in finding ways to streamline or optimize my days. Accordingly, here are the 10 products I depend on and would swear by.

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January 19, 2024
This is the coffee I start every day with. I love the hints of chocolate and blueberry, especially as I’m trying to reduce my sweetener reliance.
This is a little pricey for a whiteboard, but I love it because it folds which means I travel with it when we have PMG meetings IRL and it’s easier to hang than most.
Huge pour over guy here. Not because I have a secret form at extracting more flavor, I just like a prolonged ritual and this gooseneck kettle is my vessel of choice.
I have a hard time sitting all day when I’m prepping to record or editing, but Christiana recommended this treadmill to me so that I can feel like I’m getting some movement in while I prep or edit.
When I want something different than chicken in a bag, this jerky is my snack of choice. A lot of jerky can be kind of (I apologize in advance for the description I’m about to give) damp, but I prefer mine to be dry, which Van Smokey does with consistency. Also, it’s delicious and they have tons of flavor options. I’m big on Breakfast in Bed (the flavor, not the meal: you should never eat in bed unless you want ants).

I live on my macbook pro so that I can edit / write on the go and this stand has been a godsend for when I want to hook up multiple monitors to my laptop or need to have good angles on interviews or AUAs.

This is the coffee I depend on for my afternoons in the lead up to recordings. I don’t know if it legit has that much more caffeine, but people in the reviews liken it to “domesticated crack cocaine” so that’s good enough for me.

On days when hydration with basic water is too boring, I love these as they remind me of football practice gatorade AND it’s a great option if you aren’t into all the sugar used in Liquid IV.

Ok this has nothing to do with work, but Marlowe has had a lot of ear issues since she was born and this tool has been SUPER helpful in helping us prevent earwax buildup and/or head off potential ear infections. Through the magic of TECHNOLOGY, it syncs with your phone wifi and lets you watch on your phone as you use the tool to navigate your inner ear.

These are the only dry erase markers that matter. All others are TRASH. If you want to see your genius and brilliant ideas VIVIDLY come to life on a white board, you will use these dry erase markers.

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