Jamie Says

You are not ready! Yes, it is a horny movie about sports, but it is also so much more. You will be on the edge of your seat this entire film! It's currently my #1 film of the year and worth watching in the theater because it’s the PERFECT date night movie.


Tashi Donaldson, a tennis star turned coach is training her husband, Art Donaldson to become a Grand Slam champion When he hits an unrelenting losing streak, Tashi enters him into the Challengers event of a pro tour, one of the lowest ranks of the professional game. But confidence turns to caution when Art sees who he is drawn against. Standing across the court is Patrick, Donald’s childhood best friend, and Tashi’s ex. The two are set for a showdown on the court, carrying their respective baggage. But it is off of the court where the questions really need answering.