Knox Says

Bryan Allain, in a way, is responsible for this very podcast, as the organizer of a conference where Jamie and I met. But even if that weren't the case, I'd still Dadlight this book. It's a fun read for a middle schooler with a great story that has high re-read value.


12-year old Lake Mason only wants two things in life: to avoid going to Crattville (Crapville) Middle School at all costs, and to be a secret agent someday.

When he wins a chance to compete for a scholarship to the exclusive Firestone School he jumps in; but the further he advances in the competition, the more apparent it becomes that something sinister is happening behind the scenes.

As Lake pieces together the mystery he finds himself facing the most difficult choice of his life. Can he win a scholarship and stop a thief from stealing the plans to a world-changing technology? Or should he choose one mission over the other to avoid failing at both and ruining everything?