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Beyond Utopia

March 20, 2024

It's like watching a Bourne movie! All the footage is real; nothing was recreated. This is such a well-done documentary, and I highly recommend it.

Dune: Part Two

March 6, 2024

It's unreal how great this movie was! This is a movie meant to be in the theater, an iconic film that will be talked about…

The Zone of Interest

March 6, 2024

An experiential movie based on real people and real events. It's one of those movies where you're going to like the intellectual exercise of it,…

All of Us Strangers

February 28, 2024

With so many layers of grief and loneliness, this is the perfect way to hack your cry. It was a fascinating movie with a truly…

American Fiction

January 31, 2024

I was surprised by how heartful this story would be. It's almost a hidden family drama cloistered by a sticky premise. While not conventional, I…

Wonka (Dad light)

January 10, 2024

It was a sweet movie that the kids loved, with good songs. Spicy take: Turns our it needed more music. I started very dubious, but…

The Holdovers

January 10, 2024

Knox: It's really just a great movie that was really well done! Jamie: A Holiday film that is poignant, dialog-driven, cozy, and heartwarming, with a…

The Iron Claw

January 10, 2024

You will feel like you have been personally slammed by a folding chair while watching this, BUT the whole cast dynamic was great, and Zach…

Love and Monsters

December 20, 2023

An easy breezy movie that was very well done. Dylan O'Brian was really great as Joel and there were enough special effects to make it…

The Boy and the Heron

December 13, 2023

This movie broke me as a person! Stunning visuals and layered storytelling brought me to tears. I was not ready for the amazing voice acting…