Patreon Gift

We want to give you a way to make your best friends our best friends, too.

Imagine sharing the delight of listening to Knox and Jamie alongside someone else you love. You don’t have to be this guy, all alone:

Listening to The Popcast

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, give the gift of best friendship– the gift of upgrading a Popcast pal or fellow podcast lover to a Best Friend of the Show on Patreon!

Becoming a BFOTS means you get exclusive content like our weekly The More You Know episodes, our monthly AUA live stream (#FreeJamie), our Bachelor / Bachelorette recaps (that we swear people say they enjoy even if they don’t watch the show), and our cinema side piece episodes, and a lot more. We know BFOTS are only friends with other rad people, so we want to give you the gift of shared laughter. by making it easy for you to make your people our people. 

Here’s the catch: Patreon doesn’t actually do gift memberships, so we engineered a solution:

Option A:

Step 1: Give them money (Venmo, cash, classic check, etc.) along with our gift certificate (links below). There’s something for every budget: 3 Months: $21 | 6 Months: $42 | 1 Year: $77 (*you get a month free with annual subscriptions!)

Step 2: Pat yourself on the back knowing you’re the best gift-giver in the world.

Option B:

Step 1: Purchase a Patreon Subscription using your credit card and email address. 

Step 2: Give the gift certificate to our new Bestie (links below).

Step 3: Log in to Patreon and change the email address to the recipient’s email. Just be sure to delete your credit card from the account when you’d like them to begin paying their own way.

Thanks for introducing us to our newest best friends!

Download our gift certificate on Canva (free with a free Canva account).