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Cold People

February 14, 2024

If you’re into aliens/sci-fi/survivalism you need to read this book. Shifts perspectives throughout and was very engaging.

A Love Song for Ricki Wilde

February 14, 2024

Heavy on the Romance and light on the Magical Realism, this book was full of well-thought-out characters and delicious troupes. It has every element you…

Chain Gang All Stars

February 7, 2024

One of the most engrossing books I've read in a long time. It's not only a good premise but a great execution with great character…

Everyone on this Train is a Suspect

January 31, 2024

What's better than a cozy thriller/murder story in the winter? A cozy murder mystery story on a train! It's comedic and gripping in the best…

Essex Dogs

January 17, 2024

Positioned with a Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan vibe. The dialogue is similar to a Tarantino movie (parenting alert). Full of compelling character…

The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi

January 17, 2024

Not enough protagonists are grown-a women, so I was all in on this story about a middle-aged mother with bad knees who has to return…

All The Sinners Bleed

January 10, 2024

If you want a fast-paced crime novel that combines the South and secrets and serial killers where racism and institutional Christianity take it in the…

Draco Malfoy and the Mortifying Ordeal of Being in Love

January 3, 2024

This is a fantastically written fanfic based in the Harry Potter universe. If you’re a Harry Potter fan (or if you’re like me and have…

The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism

December 20, 2023

Tim is a real-deal journalist and real-deal evangelical. A clean, easy, objective look at what is going on through the lens of a true journalist…

The Frozen River

December 13, 2023

True crime blended with crime fiction, fascinating legal components, delightful family drama, and, best of all, a cranky horse. Martha is a fantastic, sharp, and…